Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021

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    We're marketers. We know from firsthand experience that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do everything that needs to get done. And that's even more true once you commit to leveling up and learning new skills.

    The learning curve for developing digital marketing skills can be steep, and staying informed as things evolve and change (thanks, Google) can feel like a full-time job. Our Moz Training has classes to help accelerate the learning process, but as startup folks ourselves, we understand the importance of multitasking.

    Learn SEO on the go

    We're thrilled to introduce MozPod, an SEO podcast focused on sharing lessons from digital marketing experts. Episodes are led by instructors from Moz Academy and we discuss a wide variety of digital marketing concepts, from common terminology to recent changes and best practices.

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    Where can I listen in?
    The MozPod homepage
    Upcoming episodes

    Our first series covers conversion rate optimization, PageRank, and link building:

    Ep. 1: The Science of Crawling and Indexing Guest: Neil Martinsen-Burrell of Moz

    Dr. Neil Martinsen-Burrell shares his perspective as a statistician on the development of Page Authority and Domain Authority. Great data and interesting stats.

    Ep. 2: What's a Good Conversion Rate? Guest: Carl Schmidt of Unbounce

    Carl discusses the Unbounce Conversion Rate Benchmark Report and what SEOs can learn from an analysis of over 74 million landing page visitors. Great for content writers.

    Ep. 3: Link Building Fundamentals Guest: The PageOnePower team

    MozPod interviews PageOnePower about how search engines place value on links. Collin, Cody, and Nicholas share the personal wisdom they've gained from working at a link building company.

    Want to be a guest on MozPod?

    If you’d like to share your recent SEO analysis or have a topic you think MozPod listeners would find valuable, please send us your ideas! MozPod is a place for our community of SEOs and digital marketers to learn. We’d love to hear from you.

    Simply fill out this form to share your idea: Be on MozPod

    Give it a listen and let us know what topics you'd like to hear about in the comments!

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