Latinx Web3 Education Platforms : Hola Metaverso

Latinx Web3 Education Platforms

Latinx Web3 Education Platforms : Hola Metaverso

490020_1_468 Latinx Web3 Education Platforms : Hola Metaverso

Hola Metaverso is a Web3 educational platform and event company dedicated to the Latinx community. The company is on a mission to “educate the Latino community” by hosting various online and in-person events geared towards making the metaverse more accessible for these groups.

The company’s educational efforts cover topics such as blockchain, cryptocurrency trading, NFTs, the metaverse, and more. This past summer Hola Metaverso hosted a three-day conference in Bogotá that was headed by three Web3 organizations — VIIRA, Disrupt3rs, and Hola Metaverso — all of which aim to promote Web3 education for Latinx communities.

“There’s a big push from Latino communities and typically forgotten communities to want to be a part of Web3,” said Tameron McGurren-Leal, the founder 23-ear-old founder of Hola Metaverso.

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