Inclusive Esports TV Shows : 1up

Inclusive Esports TV Shows : 1up

Inclusive Esports TV Shows : 1up

483401_1_468 Inclusive Esports TV Shows : 1up

Prime Video announced a new original series titled ‘1UP.' This series is meant to show the barriers to entry that women face in the competitive gaming and esports spaces, as well as the experiences of women in these spaces. The show centers around a female professional gamer who faces sexism at gaming tournaments, leading to her deciding to start an all-girls esports team.

The show is intended to be empowering, spreading messages of inclusivity, motivation, and overcoming hardship as the cast of characters reshape the public opinion on the esports industry through active change. The show stars well-known actresses such as Ruby Rose, who plays the coach for the esports team, and Paris Berelc, who plays the main protagonist Valerie Lee.

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