Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

    Have you heard about the 144,000 angels?

    That isn’t the start to a joke. Apparently, there are 144,000 angels who exist for no other purpose than to help us. They’re ready and waiting. Ready, naked, angelic and waiting. But the deal is we have to ask them directly and then they’re only too happy to swoop in all cherubic, cubic and a little pre-pubic, and prove it, helping us with whatever we’ve asked for.

    I was told this by someone I became friends with quite out of the blue at the start of last year and I couldn’t help but believe her. There was something, some deep knowingness, in the way she said it that made it impossible not to. She had recently done a big old hit of DMT, admittedly, but when did DMT ever make people see little kind beings in the sky? Oh wait.

    But hang on a minute or two before you get all cynical, because after she told me I gave it a try; I asked the dear 144,000 angels for help in my life, to understand my place, to get clear vision for the road forward. And within weeks I was introduced to an extraordinary woman who’s become nothing short of instrumental in guiding me. And this woman’s name? Angelika.

    Now that might be nothing more than nomenclature coincidence, something that’d surely fail any test of due diligence, but whether you believe in this kind of thing or not, I wonder if there’s something else to it.

    Because whether it’s Ganesha, Jesus, Father Christmas or DMT angels, what we’re talking about here is prayer, isn’t it?

    Prayer is an act of surrender. It’s a surrender of ego.

    While our egos are a necessary mode should we wish to play by the social rules we’ve created, they don’t, despite their best intentions, always know what’s best for us.

    The ego is the cultivated and conditioned identity we present, built up over a lifetime of hard knocks and having to pull up our socks, but all the knocks socks mean it’s wounded and defended and in perpetual arrested development.

    When we surrender this mode, even temporarily, acknowledging we don’t in fact have all the answers, we connect back, as my dad once said, to our bigger, universal self instead.

    The universal self, rather than the ego self, knows only courage, compassion and right action.

    And if we can ask and then really listen, our universal self is just waiting to help us.

    And with that I wish you love and angels.

    Jake x




    *Original Post By Kind Permission Jake Russell*

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