Fox News Attributes Spread of Flesh-Eating Bacteria to… Climate Change? – Mediaite

Fox News addressed the effects of climate change today in a segment about flesh-eating bacteria on Shepard Smith Reporting. It even ran with the chyron ‘Study: Climate Change Could Lead to More Infections’.

“Now that flesh eating bacteria story. Authorities say it may be spreading up the east coast. Researcher says the reason is climate change opening new environments,” said Shep Smith Wednesday.

Smith went on to detail a study by the Internal Medicine Journal. The flesh-eating bacteria has spread to the Delaware Bay between Delaware and New Jersey. Researchers say the disease has infected five people over the last couple years. In the eight years prior to that, only one case was documented, according Smith.

“You can get sick by going into infected we’re with an open cut or wound or eated contaminated seafood. Scientists say it shows up in places like Texas and Louisiana where the waters are very warm,” said the Fox News anchor. As waters warm in the North, so moves the disease.

Fox News correspondent Jonathan Serrie said, “The infections used to be extremely uncommon because of the cooler water.” He read from the Internal Medicine Journal study: “Clinicians should be aware of the possibility that V Vulnificus infections are occurring more frequently outside traditional geographic areas.”

Dr. William Schaffner warned anyone who was immuno-compromised against eating raw shell fish and anyone with an infected cut who had been in a body of water to seek medical care right away.

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