Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

    Happy new year everyone! Here’s hoping that 2018 is everything you want it to be.

    To give you some fuel for the journey, here are five quick posts about how to set yourself up for success this year. These posts cover strategies and tactics that have worked for both my clients and me so I’m confident they’ll work for you too.

    For the big-picture, strategic point of view, take a look at these two posts on how creating your own Life GPS® can help you create the outcomes you want in the three big arenas of life: home, work and community:

    How to Perform at Your Best This Year

    What a Life GPS® Can Do for You This Year (This post includes a link to download a Life GPS® worksheet.)

    When you’re ready to break things down into the small steps that lead to big results, check out these two posts on the tactics of making progress day-by-day and week-by-week:

    Three Steps to Actually Change Yourself This Year

    How Baby Steps Can Keep You on Track This Year

    And, finally, if this is the year that you really intend to shake things up, read this post on Seven Ways to Play a Bigger Game This Year.

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