Thu. Dec 2nd, 2021


    Apr 8, 2020


    We live in the garden of Eden, we continue to eat from the forbidden tree. We still can not follow simple rules that allow us to live among natural beauty. 

    We have tested the tolerance of this planet and now it wants us to leave. 

    Our time hasn’t been spent wisely as we have no where to go after our eviction. 

    Simple minds and a slavery rule, we cannot move past basic humanitarian and unnecessary wants. Greed and stupidity being our final dagger in the back. 

    If our predecessors survive and move to a different planet or station , they will be in awe of what we destroyed. They will only dream of walking among the woods, smelling wild plants and seeing this planets animals living in nature. This natural world is dying , right in front of our eyes. 

    We fail to change the way we live, learn and love. 

    The gifts we were given have been exploited, ruined and abused , there fore lost. Our natural skills taken by our past .

    We do not deserve Earth and it is soon to be rid of us. 

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