Wed. Jan 19th, 2022
    More WOMEN die of heart disease than ALL CANCERS combined, yet 
    we continue to think of it as a MAN's problem.
    Join me"" to learn why women MUST be treated differently in
    prevention, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease --
    so we can all help prevent it! Most heart disease research has been focused on men, and conventional
    medicine's "one size fits all" model hasn't worked, but a personalized,
    functional approach is working for women -- understanding what will
    benefit your unique heart -- it can improve your energy and vitality,
    even save your life. ->>Learn about women's heart health when you attend this free, online event! WHY ATTEND? Your host, Mark Menolascino, MD, is a functional medicine physician
    with 35+ years of experience and the author of Heart Solution for Women.
    He has devoted his life to helping women with symptoms and illnesses
    that stem from poor heart health. The experts he has gathered for The Women's Heart Health Summit are
    here to teach you the unique, personalized protocols they use to deliver
    vitality and optimized health to their patients and followers. When you join me for The Women's Heart Health Summit, you'll learn: ● Why women's heart health symptoms are different (and where to look) ● The tests (and results) that will help you find your solution ● How symptoms of poor heart health hide in women's bodies ● Why heart health relies on gut, thyroid, adrenal AND hormone health ● How to achieve personalized, precision care for you and your family ● And so much more! Their mission is to help prevent heart disease, the leading cause of death
    in women, by teaching individuals and health professionals alike the new
    functional medicine approach to vitality that's proving more effective
    than any drug. I'll see you online at this educational summit when you register today!


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