Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

    If you're a webmaster, then you love backlinks. You're all about them, saying yes to every backlink opportunity like it's your first date ever. You smile when you manage to get one, and you're always looking for new link building openings.


    But I'm about to tell you a story about a link that doesn't bring you that much joy:


    Someone read your article. They liked it. They contacted you, stating how interesting the information was and that they would link to it from their website. You're just bursting with pride. After a few days pass, the link finally goes live. You smile as you open the page to check the link. When the page loads, your smile is instantly wiped off your face. It's a nofollow …


    Do Nofollow Links Impact SEO Are They Still Worth Having


    If you have a high nofollow link ratio, will it impact your overall SEO? And if yes, will it be in a negative or positive way? Everything you need to know about the impact nofollow links have on your website, backed up by case studies and Google's position in this matter, can be found in the following lines. 


    What Is a Nofollow Link?
    Why Are Publishers Switching to Nofollow Links?
    The Problem with Nofollow Links

    Google might not use links as a metric anymore
    Dofollow links will become more “valuable”
    Webmasters are removing the comment section
    Nofollows don’t really make the web a better place
    It’s still easy to get paid dofollow links
    Nofollow links make things more complicated

    What Type of Links Google Says You Should Set as Nofollow?

    Paid links & advertisements
    Links to sites you don’t trust
    Crawl prioritization
    Built with & Built by
    Infographics & Guest Posts

    Are Links Worth Building Anymore if They are Nofollow?


    Should you relate to the story above, I know how you feel. I'm not very keen on nofollow links either. Whenever I get one, I'm daydreaming about how it could've been a dofollow.


    However, it seems like we're only going to see more of them, as major publications have recently started adding the rel=”nofollow” attribute to all their external links.


    Forbes and Inc. both silently began adding nofollow to all of their links. There's a lot of link sellers that will hate that <div style=

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