Fri. Sep 17th, 2021

    Choose Honesty to Get A Better Bum* *sort of – Jake Russell – Cobsalad

    If morality was a group of muscles, then I wonder if honesty would be the glutes. These great big muscles in the bum have the potential to be incomparably powerful, enabling us to spring and sprint forth into action, but for most of us they sit sad and flat or flabby and fat round the back.  

    We don’t use them nearly enough. We let them sag and atrophy, which is a real bootie catastrophe. Yet if only we trained them with squats, lunges and jumps we’d have the trunk power of Shaolin monks.

    And so it is with honesty—to my mind the most powerful of all the virtues. For most of us honesty is underused and hidden from view in neglect.

    Just as with a muscle in the human body, training a human virtue, such as honesty, requires heavy lifting. The exercise isn’t easy or light. The only way to increase strength is through repetition, repeated use. Exercising the muscle again and again, conditioning it to work effectively under the test of tension.

    And, just as with exercise, while the primary muscle is working, secondary muscles are called into action to support and stabilise the functioning of the first. The effect is cumulative—strength spreads through the entire muscular chain.

    When it comes to acting with honesty, the support muscle is courage.

    So, each repetition of honesty increases our strength of courage too.

    And as each of these virtues grow in strength, one unintended but welcome consequence is an increase in self-confidence.

    Because while you can’t choose confidence any more than you can choose physical strength, you can choose to do the exercise that will build the strength you want.

    And with every repetition of honesty, which calls courage into action too, you generate power, true power from within, and you show the world it’s you.

    With love, Jake xx




    *Original Post By Kind Permission Jake Russell*

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