Sat. Nov 27th, 2021

    The term “selfish” has become an insult over the years, while also being used a lot more indiscriminately. People see anything that you do for your own sake as being selfish, and they see being selfish as something evil.

    By that logic, you shouldn’t be doing anything in your own self-interest, and should prioritize everyone else in the world before yourself. That is a very unhealthy mindset, and you should change the way you think.

    Instead, you should be unafraid to be a little bit selfish. If being selfish means putting yourself first, it’s understandable to do that in many different situations. Maybe you shouldn’t put yourself first every single time, but it’s a good general strategy.

    For example, you might be seen as selfish at work if you don’t take on other people’s excess work for them. If it would only harm you to take on their responsibilities, don’t do it. There’s no reason to punish yourself over someone else’s poor time management skills.

    The only situations in which you shouldn’t put yourself first is when it comes to those you love very dearly, such as a spouse or your children. Even then, though, you might have to put yourself first, depending on the situation.

    You need to either stop considering self-care to be selfish, or accept the notion that being selfish isn’t an inherently bad thing. It’s far better for your health to be a little selfish than a little selfless.

    It’s important to learn how to be selfish appropriately, though. If you’re too selfish or selfish about the wrong things, of course it can be an issue. However, if it’s for things like time and money that are beneficial to you and your health, it’s okay.

    Being selfish with time or money allows you to allocate it as you see fit, which is something that can improve your work-life balance. If you’re letting other people take up your time, you can’t allocate it however you’d want.

    In this way, being selfish allows you to be nicer with other people. By having your own time and money to do with as you’d like, you can spend time with people or pay for things that you need to, rather than what others want you to.

    Putting your saved time towards your children or your friends, and your money towards things like personal projects or charities can only be done when you’re a little selfish with things to begin with.

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    Dominus Owen Markham

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