Anti-Gun Water Toys : JayHaySpray20

Anti-Gun Water Toys

Anti-Gun Water Toys : JayHaySpray20

483215_1_468 Anti-Gun Water Toys : JayHaySpray20

JayHaySpray20 is an anti-gun water toy working to promote change in regards to society’s relationship with guns. The product was invented by Nicole Friedman, a young mother from Chicago who is tired of gun violence in the U.S.

Nicole wants to start the process of removing guns from the toy aisle. Her goal is to make it inappropriate for children to minimize the seriousness and repercussions of firearms. During a trip to a local playground with her son, Nicole noticed kids chasing each other around with water guns. Although this is normalized in our culture, Nicole felt this was wrong due to recent tragic events around the country involving real firearms.

Through Kickstarter, Nicole is hoping to gain momentum with her product. She already has a prototype and needs funding for production. She hopes removing toy guns from the kid’s aisle will go a long way in efforts to stop treating guns like toys.

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