10 Vegan Food Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now

10 Vegan Food Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now

110 Vegan Food Blogs You Should Bookmark Right Now

Vegan food blogs can be a wonderful resource for both plant-based newbies and veterans of the lifestyle. Need to remind yourself that going vegan is not the end of your culinary delights? Browse for a while! You’ll be blown away by the creativity of these talented individuals. Need a fresh revamp on your favorite vegan classics? There are some amazing recipes out there.

Whatever your motivation, following vegan bloggers online is a great way to keep dinnertime feeling new and inviting. But it’s easy to find yourself returning to the big hits — Oh She Glows, Minimalist Baker, Oh My Veggies — instead of diving deeper into the rest of the culinary awesomeness available to you. This is why we’ve scoured the web for 10 somewhat lesser-known, veggie-happy blogs you’ll want to bookmark, today — like, this instant. Enjoy!

veggies don't bite homepage
Veggies Don’t Bite – Vegan Food Blog

1. Veggies Don’t Bite

Sophia created Veggies Don’t Bite as a way to help families like hers get healthier and happier, day by day. She’s created a community that is both encouraging and supportive, promoting the idea that any step toward a kind life, no matter how small, is worthwhile.

edible musings homepage
Edible Musings – Vegan Food Blog

If you’re big into clean living, this is the blog for you! Light, fresh, and tasty, each of Lauren’s recipes are both healthy and filling, which can be a hard ticket to fill. Lauren is also certified in several plant-based nutrition certifications, which is a major bonus.

bring joy homepage
Bring Joy – Vegan Lifestyle Blog

Bring Joy is an excellent resource for parents who are trying to raise conscious kiddos in a society that’s still eating animals. Looking for a blogger who understands your plight? Janae has your back. Note: She’s taking a break from blogging for a while, but there’s still plenty of goodness from the past six years to comb through!

raw manda homepage
Raw Manda – Vegan Food Blog

Amanda’s health philosophy — “eat fresh, natural, living, unprocessed foods” — is something that a lot of us can identify with. Not only is she a great advocate for raw, clean eating, she also has a lot to say about listening to your body and giving it your best. I’m a big fan!

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