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    When planning a trip as a solo female, it’s important to know which destinations are safe. The mainstream media plays a big part in convincing people (especially parents) that traveling as a solo female is automatically dangerous, lonely or generally a potentially bad idea, but this negative stereotyping couldn’t be further from the truth.

    I’ve traveled all over the world as a solo female and can vouch for all the beautiful destinations where I never once felt out of place or in danger. While I always recommend staying aware of your surroundings and not walking around alone at night in questionable neighborhoods, traveling alone builds confidence, personality and I’m grateful to say it has gifted me with countless treasured friends made on the road.

    If you’re thinking about planning a trip, don’t hold yourself back — just go! To give you some inspiration, here are a few of my favorite cities in Europe — perfect for women traveling alone!

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    Dublin, Ireland

    The Irish capital is an incredibly fun place to visit thanks to the Irish’s famous hospitality and amicable nature. The men (and women) have a contagious zest for life and you can easily get swept along and enjoy yourself in the company of friendly locals.

    Try staying in a hostel to meet some travel buddies. The best hostels will be around the center, close to where the action is, so it’ll never be a long walk home unaccompanied at night. Dublin is great for variety too — it’s not all just pubs and cobbled streets! Just a short distance from the city are incredible sights like the Giant’s Causeway and the Cliffs of Moher, both a must-see.

    10 European Cities For Solo Female Travelers


    Rome, Italy

    Whether you’re going to visit for the world-class food, or to marvel at the gorgeous sights, Rome is a city filled with travelers, locals and students alike. With such a mix of people, you can easily forget you’re traveling alone.

    There are hostels around every corner, but if you’re looking to stay in luxury, then stay in the garden-filled Via Veneto District. Common sense applies here just like in every city, so look out for pickpockets, especially on public transport and in busy tourist spots like the Colosseum.

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    10 European Cities For Solo Female Travelers


    Paris, France

    Now we all know Paris’s reputation as a romantic couple’s destination, but let’s be honest,  there’s more to it than that! The iconic city is full of beauty, charm and historical intrigue. The Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe and Champs-Élysées are all within walking distance of each other and the Metro is perfectly safe during daylight and early evening.

    For a real feel of Paris, stay in the beautiful Montmartre District, filled with Parisian delights around every corner — and walk into the center each day for sightseeing.


    Dubrovnik, Croatia

    Dubrovnik has adopted the best elements of Croatia’s laidback Mediterranean vibe which makes it an amazing place to travel on your own as a female. Also known as the “Pearl of the Adriatic”, this city is a popular tourist destination where you can spend hours wandering stone streets, enjoying world class seafood or people watching in outdoor cafes.

    Staying in the center and visiting casual restaurants is a great way to meet people or, if you’d rather go it alone, there’s an abundance of historical landmarks and museums around town that will keep you entertained.

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    10 European Cities For Solo Female Travelers


    Berlin, Germany

    A city full of artists and history in equal measure, Berlin is an electrifying trip that will leave you inspired and wanting to come back for more. The socially progressive attitude that’s been around for decades means that there are a lot of locals and solo travelers in Berlin. The city is spread out, so it doesn’t feel crowded and going on a walking art or museum tour will give you the chance to get to know some new people and give you a feel for the popular areas like Mitte, Tiergarten or Kreuzberg.


    Bruges, Belgium

    The impossibly charming city of Bruges is small enough to walk absolutely everywhere, giving you the chance to get to know the gorgeous canals, towers and gardens it’s famous for. If you’re looking to relax, then it’s the perfect destination for a solo traveler as the pace of life is slow and there’s not a lot of action after dark. Enjoy Belgian chocolate and beer and wander the cobbled streets to your heart’s content in this quiet Belgian gem.

    10 European Cities For Solo Female Travelers


    Vienna, Austria

    Filled with breathtaking architecture, coffee taverns and one of the best historic centers in Europe, Vienna is surprisingly easy to navigate considering how much there is packed into it. Between Baroque castles and Imperial palaces there’s no shortage of sights to see that will also be filled with fellow travelers if you’re after some company.


    Bergen, Norway

    This beautiful waterfront city is built at the foot of some of Norway’s most spectacular mountains and is right on the edge of the water, making you feel like you’re really in the heart of Scandinavia. As one of the most developed countries in the world, Norway is incredibly safe — and the pastel colored fishing town of Bergen is well-removed from any big city potential dangers. The biggest threat is to your budget — it’s a notoriously expensive country!

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    Reykjavik, Iceland

    Abundant in natural beauty in every direction and officially the safest country in the world, Iceland is a strong contender for one of the best solo female travel destinations. Staying in Reykjavik will give you the chance to experience Icelandic life in the city and see some incredible sights like the Hallgrímskirkja Church.

    You’ll find waterfalls, icy-blue fjords and black sand beaches on popular routes like the Ring Road — and if you want some travel buddies for the trip, the sociable hostels around Reykjavik are the perfect places to find fellow adventurers.

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    10 European Cities For Solo Female Travelers


    London, England

    Traveling as a solo female in London really couldn’t be easier. The polite and accommodating nature of many local people combined with the breakneck pace of ever-evolving and multinational culture means you’ll feel welcome while always having something to do.

    To see why London is championed as a foodie capital, lose yourself in the markets of Shoreditch, Brick Lane or Camden Town — or for theatre and nightlife, try the buzzing West End. Walking around London can be tricky thanks to its sprawling layout, so ask around if you’re unsure about public transport routes and know how to get back to your place to avoid paying a hefty taxi fare.

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    10 European Cities For Solo Female Travelers



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