Essential Guide To Train Travel In Europe

Boarding a train to take you from city to city is without a doubt the best way to travel through Europe. It’s romantic, magical and inspiring — not to mention the fact that it...


My second visit to the southern tip of South America. My first trip in 2015 was incredible and resulted in some of my most successful videos. Even though this was a work-trip and I...

A Weekend In Oxford: 10 Things To Do + Travel Tips

It’s funny, but it seems like it’s the places nearest to us that always remain unseen the longest. Maybe it’s because places within close proximity to home don’t require much advance planning to visit,...

DJI Phantom 4 in Action 4K

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Scandinavia: Part 3 – Around Stockholm in 4K

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Paris | 4k France

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Boracay Basics: Everything You Need To Know For Your First Trip

Powder soft white sand beaches that appear to stretch on into infinity. Crystal clear water perfect for diving (or just watching fish swim around your toes as you wade into the ocean). A buzzing...

WASTELANDS Part 2 – the Urban Exploration Project

[vimeo 116265571 w=640 h=360]Wastelands is an urban exploration video series that follows urban explorers through the depths of Philadelphia’s abandoned buildings. Step into the world of Urban Explorer Tracy Levesque - Cory J...

Scenes From A Singapore Family Reunion

21 years ago I became an expat for the first time when my family moved to Singapore. It was a pretty bold move on my parents’ part, both of them having lived in the...


[vimeo 235706253 w=640 h=360]The past year has been unreal. New Zealand, South Africa, the Atacama Desert, La Palma the beautiful Dolomites just to count a few of the incredible locations I've been lucky enough...

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