You Need to Hear This❗️ BEST ADVICE FOR SUCCESS IN LIFE (very motivational speeches)

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[vimeo 101929136 w=640 h=272]Read more - At any given moment in the woods just outside of Philadelphia, David Siller can spot several wild edibles. Nutrient-rich, wild plants that couldn't be any more fresh....

From Prison to Playground

[vimeo 130145134 w=640 h=360]Read more - Purchase a frame print of Philadelphia - Most people are familiar with the Eastern State Penitentiary, but few have seen it like this. Even fewer know...

Frozen Philadelphia

[vimeo 120019581 w=640 h=360]Read More - Winter is a tough and sometimes painful time to film (No gloves! – makes it impossible to operate the camera), but it’s also one of the most...

REACH – MOTIVATION | One of the Most Motivational Videos You’ll Ever See

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How To NEVER Overthink Again | Alan Watts – A Chilling Speech

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The 7 Biggest Dream Killers!

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Philly Home Portrait

[vimeo 100982473 w=640 h=360]This story is about being aware of the everyday beauty around us. It's easy to pass these places without thinking twice, but these home portraits are a conscious effort to capture...

R A G E – Motivational Video | A Life Changing Speech

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Philly’s Best Photographers – Chris Robinson

[vimeo 173500859 w=640 h=360]Follow Chris Robinson on Instagram - Philadelphia's Best Photographers is a video series following some of city's most creative visual artists. Subscribe - Framed Prints - Philadelphia Stock...

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